We Win!

Colorado. The Democratic cesspool that it is…appears to be the epicenter of Tyranny 2.0 for next year. We read in one of the “rags” the following… Headline – “The First Known US Case of the UK Coronavirus Variant Detected in Colorado. “‘Colorado has discovered a case of a highly infectious coronavirus variant first detected in the United Kingdom,’ Colorado governor Jared Polis said on Tuesday.” … Continue reading We Win!

Is the HHS Going to Destroy Us All?

Well, well, well…seems they’ve been planning this for a long time. Of course anybody who has been half awake for at least 5 to 10 years won’t be surprised… I saw something interesting in the Washington Post recently… Top Trump health appointee Michael Caputo warns of armed insurrection after election A top communications official for the administration’s coronavirus response urged President Trump’s supporters to prepare … Continue reading Is the HHS Going to Destroy Us All?

closeup of gavel

The Blatantly Obvious isn’t So Obvious to Some…Obviously!

Can it get any more blatant than the first paragraph of this Washington Examiner article? Illegal immigrants will be included in the 2020 census count used to determine congressional seats, a federal court ruled in a rebuke to President Trump. The court ruled on Thursday that President Trump’s directive to exclude U.S. residents living in the country illegally from the specific census count that allocates … Continue reading The Blatantly Obvious isn’t So Obvious to Some…Obviously!

Is Self-Defense Biblical?

It may seem a ridiculous question to ask, but many of the “turn the other cheek” crowd would say that you shouldn’t fight back. Which of course, is ridiculous. There are countless passages in the Word of God that talk about how we are to defend the fatherless and the widow. Well, how are you going to defend them if you’re dead? Pretty common-sense question … Continue reading Is Self-Defense Biblical?